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A list of issues...

Hi all,

So I know you're all big fans of the search tool...and I've tried to do my bit, but I can't quite find the info I need. So I thought I'd consolidate all my queries into one post, even though not all are performance related...
To start, I have that BA series 3 1.8L 1997 Astina hardtop. Just recently got my clutched changed and am halfway through installing new rotors/discs.

Lé queries:
1) My cars idle often drops down below 500RPM when slowing down/at lights. I know people say that this is normal, and the ECU should kick the idle back up to compensate, but it takes about 8-10 seconds to do so? The problem is, my car shudders like the thought of a obese woman in your dreams. I'm really hoping there's a fix to keep my idle a bit higher and avoid this. Mostly because it'll be around the 500rpm mark, just when i need to take off, and this just creates all sorts of crappy problems for my take off. Spluttering, non-smooth, etc.

2) The car has a really big issue with not being smooth at low revs, in gear. Kinda like bunny hopping? My mums mazda premacy 2001 has the same issue. Only happens in first, second or reverse gear... To example you, if I put it in first and slowly take the clutch out, without using acceleration (i obviously don't do this when driving normally, I was just testing it when i was in traffic), the car bu-nn-y--h-o--p-s constantly as it drives forwards (talking a speed of 2-3km/h). Not like a shudder. Just a non-smooth vrrmm, vrrmmm, vrmmmm, and inbetween the vrrrm's there is nothing so you slow down/cruise... This happens when its completely IN gear. I dunno if its the idle struggling to hold the load, so the ECU chucks in a bit of fuel?...
This is really hard to explain in words? Sorry guys.

3) Is there a way to decrease the sensitivity of my accelerator? It's starting to hurt the muscles in my shins constantly, because i have to have my foot really lightly poised on the pedal, to make micro adjustments, literally just to change gears so it's smooth. The smallest increase in revs that I can make, with the lightest touch on the pedal, takes the revs from 750rpm idle, straight to 1.5k+ which is clearly a nightmare for me, because when driving with shoes on, I can't sense when i've moved it .00005mm. I need it to have more swing, for less sensitivity.

Now don't get me wrong...I LOVE this car. It's mine, and that fact alone makes it amazing But I plan to have this car right through to the end of my degree (6yrs away). And for that period of time, I would love some resolution to the things that erk me.

Im totally clueless when it comes to ECU, idle, changing pedal sensitivity...so if you do have suggestions, could you please use lamens terms that don't end with "go ask your mechanic"... Seeing as my mechanic is my father, and his resolution has been "it's impossible. you can't change that. get over it".


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1) IAC valve is dirty or faulty or both.

2) Could easily be tied into problem #1. Need to fix problem number #1 before this can be diagnose correctly.

3) Loosen the throttle cable near the throttle body. You'll only need 1mm adjustment. Works the same a push bike brake cable.
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scott b
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um could number one even be a leak in the air intake hose? think thats what my problem was when i had that issue.

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Search iac valve. Mazdasport asked about it and got good replies.
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2) sounds like a torn rear mount and a dodgy front. Thats what caused/causing it for me. Replacing the front mount fixed it a bit, still haven't put the rear in
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bunny hop, ecu, idle, sensitive

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