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Eunos 30x ABS light and braking problem

I have a Eunos 30x 1995 model. A couple of days ago, I started to feel a knocking in the brake pedal, but only when I ease it and brake slowly. Now, it has got even worse and I can hear the knocking sound coming from the front left hand side somewhere. Also the ABS light is coming and staying on. The knocking sound happens just before the car comes to a stop, when braking slowly. I have took the car to the mechanic, they fixed something that was apparently coming loose on the wheel. They then thought that the problem was related to the ABS sensor, so they put a new one in. But still nothing has been solved. I read something online about reluctor rings ? The knocking sound I'm hearing when braking slowly and the ABS light coming on is apparently a symptom of a failing reluctor ring. Can anyone help me out and tell me what the problem may possibly be ? As the mechanic told me to bring it back when it gets worse, I don't think they have a clue what it is anymore.
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I would've blamed the sensor also. The rings have teeth on them and the teeth contact the sensor. By some off change the ring or the teeth could be damaged. The ring is attached to the outer axle joint.
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