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Smile Looking to buy an Astina

Hi everyone,
I'm looking at a 2003 Astina with 216,000 KMs on the odo. It has a great service history and is well looked after. It recently had it's 200,000km service. I took it for a test drive, couldn't hear any rattling, grinding or vibrating and handles well. On inspection, the engine seems well maintained (all belts look fine, head gaskets are fine, new battery, oil looks fine, power steering fluid is correct, AC works, radiator is fine and free of cracks or leaks). No oil leaking. The tyres have all recently been replaced as well as the break pads. The interior is surprisingly immaculate.
I intend to use it to drive to and from work, to sport and maybe the occasional road trip. Yearly, I doubt I'd put more than 10,000kms on the odo.
Any other things to look out for? I'm mostly looking for an idea of what problems expect, a ballpark amount of money it will cost to service, and any other pointers in general about the car.
Its registered and insured until August although it has been a while since the last inspection. I'm having it thouroughly inspected on Tuesday (blue slip) and am hoping to buy it if it passes.
The seller wants 2650 for it.
I don't have any photos at present as I am away from my main computer.
All tips are appreciated, thanks guys (and/or girls)!
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Well, usually I'd say rust but since you are based doen under this is less of an issue (in the rest of the world, the BJs are terrible rust buckets).
Mine goes through ABS / ALB sensors at a respectable rate, also I'd expect the suspension bushings to be worn out at that mileage.
Luckily, spare parts are still available foe cheap so that's no deal breaker.
Other than that, they are really reliable and practical cars, I've been using mine as a daily for 3 years now and still am happy with it.
They also are pretty fun to drive
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Mazda 3 SP23 would be my choice here or SP25 if funds permit. Astinas are getting on to 20 years old.
My 'stina Hatch
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2003, buying, hatchback

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