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You can run FS rods in an FP with custom pistons (raised wrist-pins), which is good for rod ratio.

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Flyin Hawaiin tried with and without FS crankshaft iirc and the rods either hit the block or stuck out above the block. If he had checked the specs first, he would have seen the longer stroke, longer rods and taller bock of the FS. Ended up being given a spare FS block instead, so it worked out alright.
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Originally Posted by Sleepy Gonzalez View Post
Bit sad having this trouble at so low kms
Yeah I know. I bought it new and nothing other than oil light issue ever went wrong ever until 88900 km(a month ago) when somehow the diff just broke.I wasn't even in the car when it happened.
One moment it was locked and next was ok. you would go round a corner and it would lock as in both front wheels going same speed and it would try and push you off the road.
Stuff only know what went wrong.

So i have a 2nd hand gear box now. And its crap. It graunches into 2nd all the time. I going to have to try and send it back as it has a 6 mth warranty.
But a least the car lives again. With all new mounts as well.
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Originally Posted by Sleepy Gonzalez View Post
Sorry, I was thinking of KL-ZE, but anyway, the FS-ZE has different camshafts and higher compression ratio, so ADR emmisions compliance could be an issue. Check with an engineer. If it's legal, then some of us might end up with FS-ZE swaps come rebuild time!

I read about an FS mated to a F25MR box ok when the owner found forged FS rods wouldn't fit his FP block.

If you want to replace struts and springs, the BC coilover kit is working well for me.

Bit sad having this trouble at so low kms
Youd need to use the FP fly wheel i think as the g series box has more splines.
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