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ABOUT: Recommended Forced Induction & Engine Conversions Companies

This thread is for if you'd like to recommend a business/company that you've had good dealings with in relation to your car.

Posting Rules
ONLY positive posts will be allowed.
Multiple companies per post is fine
No negative feedback will be involved in discussions, only good references.
Any flame posts or offtopic talk will be deleted
There will be only one stickied thread in each of the 'Performance and Technical' sections for companies relevant to that section
If you have an objection to a post, please email webmaster AT astinagt dot com - don't just post flaming reply.

Post format: (copy and paste)


Contact Person:

Location/Address: (don't forget a state!)

Phone Number:

Work Carried Out: (on your car)

Recommended Why?: (good price, friendly service etc)

Sourcing your not-quite-overnight parts from Japan


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Anyone in Brisbane heard of Godzilla Motor Sports? I'm looking into an AEM CAI/SRI for my SP20 and they were recommended to me by an AEM importer.
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Go to www.boostcruising.com. I see they are a sponsor on there and advertise.
Mazda Fours :: Mazda Four Cylinder Performance Club
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does anyone know anyone that does engine conversions in brisbane?
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Originally Posted by jfresh1
does anyone know anyone that does engine conversions in brisbane?
Originally Posted by zappy65
Does anyone know of any Techs/ Workshops that have any major knowledge on the BP/ BPT platforms, im talking tuning and mechanical knowledge of turbo setups etc?
Yes my old room mate:-

Company: Cox Automotive Services / Redline Garage.
Contact Person: Dave Cox.
Location/Address: 3/5 Service Rd, Maroochydore 4558.
Contact Number: 07 5443 3507.

He did his apprentiship in the mid 90s at a Mazda dealer, knows all there is to know about Mazdas engines from that era. Know everything about my car! He has done multiple GTX and GTR set ups on TX3s and built a MX5 racecar with quads. Knows all there is regards turbo applications into motorsports, mainly drag and drift. If he cannot answer your questions, then no one can...

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