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2003 Mazda SP20

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2003 Mazda SP20
AWR 70-duro mounts (all 4)
Twiggy-spec custom cams
RR Racing Under-Drive Pulley
Remote oil filter re-location
Fuel rail adaptor for pressure sensor

Autoexe header 4-2-1 design (HPC coated)
CES 2.5" cat and 60mm mid-pipe
Racing Beat 60mm catback system
Exhaust Gas Sensor (EGT) bung in headers

Custom intake with 3-inch filter
- retains stock MAF
- HPC coated
Chassis opening for cold air
Throttle-body coolant bypass

Cooling System
Mishimoto Performance (2-pass) radiator
Mishimoto 1.4bar radiator cap
Mishimoto 12" puller cooling fans (x2)
Samco coolant hoses
WeaponR coolant overflow tank
Auxiliary coolant temperature sensor

Engine Management
Microtech LT-10X
Wide-band LS-01 AFR sensor
J&S Safeguard knock control unit
Bosch 715 coil packs with custom leads
Secondary intake air and coolant temperature sensors

Mazdaspeed LSD
Fidanza Lightweight flywheel
626 5th gear swap

MX-5 17"x7" 10-spoke rims
Kuhmo Excta KU31's 215/R17/40
Tokico Illumina 5-way adjustable shocks
Eibach Pro-kit front and rear springs
AutoExe 3-point front strut brace with Master Cylinder stopper
Progress 21.5mm rear swaybar
AWR adjustable rear endlinks
RDA slotted rotors and HPX pads all-around

Mazdaspeed 2003.5 front lip
Mazdaspeed 2003.5 spoiler
Black side strip delete mod
Black painted headlights
Smoked side indicators
EDM tail lights
External antenna delete
AeroGrid wipers New!

In-Car Entertainment:
JVC AVX-77 single DIN touchscreen
- Bluetooth mic
- Steering wheel remote
- aux ports on centre console
Dakota Digital amplified internal antenna

Autometer Ultra-lite II gauges:
- oil temperature
- oil pressure
- transmission temperature
- exhaust gas temperature (EGT)
- fuel pressure
ScanGaugeII OBD-II monitor
Mazdaspeed pedal set
DaveB brushed gauge rings
B&M short-shifter
Weighted Protege shift knob
Black leather (silver stitching) shifter/handbrake boots

Other mods:
Cruise control
Variable intermittant wiper upgrade
Mazda Hi-Spec alarm
Stebel Nautilis horn (139 dB)
Mazdaspeed oil cap
Power distribution fuse block
Power steering cooler
Optima "Red Top" - in-boot battery relocation

Projects to come:
JDM power folding mirrors Just need to connect the passenger side!
Vibrant Vacuum block Installed but not connected
Matt V retro-fit projector headlights Installing sometime!
PWM fan controller Cooling System - Stage 2!

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Member: Orion
Created: 13-02-2007 02:53 AM
Last Modified: 30-03-2012 12:35 PM
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Author Comment Date
ghetto3 More photos or a private viewing!? I promise to clean up my mess afterwards.
Seriously would love to see/hear this thing one day. Well refined mate...100proof.
Rafferty Nice car man! One of the classiest! 28-01-2012
Orion Only dyno'ed at 87.2 kW atw last year
But that was with the stock intake, a lean tune and a heatsoaked engine - I have addressed the intake and tune since then.
Dyno Day is on again in a couple of weeks, so would love to see how much difference changing these elements has achieved
LTN000 any idea on power figures? 30-10-2011
luk3333 This has got to be one of the best modded cars ive seen. Nice Job 03-08-2011
Orion There is an Australian Eibach dealer that you can get the springs from, and I got the shocks from the Unted States through eBay. 13-01-2011
Pedroscash1054 Nice. Where abouts did you source the springs and shocks from? 12-01-2011
Orion Nope, you wont see the new lip until very early next year I am going to do a few things all at once in the Xmas holidays 24-11-2010
marcs_sp20 So we gonna see the lip on the car next thursday?? 24-11-2010
Orion I was about 90 kW at the wheels, but that was before a new intake and re-tune. This car is not turbo'ed - I hope to make it an N/A screamer 19-11-2010
NiCeBoY hey mate,
how much KW you getting and on how much psi?
thxk bro
Mad Mat hmmm i think u and me need to have a chat mate hee hee.. 19-10-2009
maztech Awesome car nicely modified 11-10-2009
Orion Yeah, considering the MSP front lip. Will see what happens with the potential GB in a few months. Ive always been a fan of the Buddy Club II kit tho .... 06-08-2009
project.r.racing msp rear wing is sexy. getting the msp front lip? 03-08-2009
Mad Mat omg man i love this ride hey. so done anything more 01-04-2009
project.r.racing HOT!!! 28-04-2008
bourbon lovin' it 27-04-2008
marcs_sp20 Looks really good! Do ya wanna show me how you painted your headlights or better still do them for me? 31-03-2008
coastguy looks real good . nice car well done 10-08-2007
EVADE wow! it looks good! just need a front lip to finish it. close to a MSP.


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